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April 1st

Wow. It’s April! That is crazy. This year sure is flying by, but it is not warming up. Frost on my windows again this morning. Not cool. Tomorrow is rain and possible thunderstorms. We shall see, I’m not hold out much hope for thunder lol

This morning has just driven me crazy. I’ve had rude people to start my day and I am easily annoyed today. Not a good combo.

The rest of the day has slowly gotten better. I have eaten lunch, I’m listening to Disney music, and I have plans for after class. Finally getting India food and I get to see the bestie, which is making me very happy. I miss her. Excited to be done with class for the week too!

I have reserved the hall for the wedding. Well, it is on hold and then when we decide we owe some money to secure it. Kinda pumped. Makes it a little bit more real. Been looking up ceremonies and quotes that I would like. Kinda stressfull to be honest. I don’t know how long I want everything to be, plus we have to go get photos after. I’m planning all of this way in advance and stressing over it like an idiot. Really all I need to find is a photographer. I have a few in mind, a few in the family and stuff. They’d do it and be amazing at it.

Need to start running now. Been walking now I need to run. I have 30 days until my first 5K of the year! Let’s do this! Nervous but excited. I hope I do well. I hope I survive! Last time I ran I hurt for about a week afterwards. That was no fun. I hope that this is a little easier since I hvae trained a little bit. I need to push myself, but i hate pain. I mean, no one really likes it, but I just want to be able to walk after lol.

Between training, wedding, and school I am one busy girl! :-)

March 30th and 31st

I was sick yesterday. Cough, fever, and sore throat. I still have the cough and slow throat but I made it to work today. Blah. And I forgot a bowl for my lunch, so I can’t warm up my Ravioli. Boo. Guess I’m eating fruit snacks and fruit for lunch lol

It so far has been a rainy and typical srping day. Which is nice. I did snow north of me, which is not cool. I have school again tonight. Woot. I really do like school. I’m doing fairly well. The only one I would like to be doing better in is Government. I’m not doing bad, just not as good as I would like.

We did go and visit the place we want to get married and have our reception. Wr feel much better after speaking with Jann, the lady incharge of the venue. She was very honest, and forthcomming, which we both like. She answered all of our questions and we have officially held the date! So 09-24-16 is not officially the date we will be getting married! Ahhh! Oh, and our website too! I feel kinda like we are almost there!

My nurse for the day


March 29th

Went to the Toledo Zoo! Good day!             

March 28th

Today was a good day! Toured the place we are going to have the wedding, bought groceries, and it’s the weekend. 



It is finally friday. I love friday so much! This weekend is going to be full of wedding planning, aquarium opening, and awesomeness! I have an open house planned for the Vet Tech program I want to go into and I am nervous as hell!

We get to tour the place we want out wedding noon on saturday, hopefully make a deposit, and then officially announce our date! I’m so pumped! I’ve been trying to mak my wedding website on The Knot but it seems to be a realy pain. I’m not sure if I am just no longer tech savay or if it is just difficult to do because I am. I can’t get back to the edit page! Grr! Maybe when I get home I can try and work on it again. I don’t have much on it, just how we net and got engaged. We haven’t signed up for a registry since we are not getting married for more than a year and a half. I did add photos though. Once we sign and put down a down payment we can add the location. Totally excited!

My mommy is home from Florida! So happy! Shes been gone forever I swear! lol

I have so much to do and plan. I need to start some serious training for my 5K. I’ve been doing light training so far. I think I need to kick it up a notch! Kinda nervous! I really wanna come out to do this 5K and kick it’s butt! I haven’t been to the gym in over a week, with school it is hard. So this weekend is going to be gym time!

We are getting raises here at work. Nothing big I promise, maybe a 2% raise. I know, it is something don’t complain. I just am not sure it will be worth it. My job is no fun and very stressful. The clinic seems to enjoy making the call centers job harder. The trash talk us to the patient’s and never seem to want to help us out. It is frustrating. I think they need to answer the phones for a whole week and see how much of a pain it is before they start passing judgement on what we do.

Patient’s have been awful today. Rude, bossy, demanding, and it is just annoying. I just don’t need it today.  I just don’t.

Been on a Disney movie kick lately. Listening to the music on itunes and watching the movies on Netflix. They just bring me to a happy place. SOmething about watching movies you watched as a kid that bring ya to a different place mentally.


March 26th

Did not get middle eastern food yesterday. Boo.  Was really looking forward to it to!

Today my mom comes home from Florida! She has been gone over a week and I miss her! So happy to have her home later today!

Today was another day where it was raining when I go up. I could hear it on , and a warm purring cat next to me, it was dark, and it was very hard to motivate myself to get up. It was perfect sleeping weather. Why can that never happen on a weekend!?!

The Toledo Zoo’s Aquarium reopens after a year and a half! Pumped does not describe it! Also since I am a member I get to enter the zoo an hour early and see it! Woot!

Woke to rain on the roof. Wanted to stay in bed so bad! I love sleeping while the rain falls on the roof. First time I’ve heard rain in months. So relaxing. I did get up and go to work. Boo lol

Supposed to go out and get Indian food tonight. Should be interesting. I’ve never had any before so I am kinda excited. I love trying new foods! Wonder what will be on the menu. I honeslty have no idea, I’ve had Middle Eastern food before, and that ws delicious! I hope it is good, maybe I will look and see if they have a menu online so that I can prepare, or I can ask my friend what I should order. I am just worried it will be too spicy. I am a wimp when it comes to spicy foods.

There is a book fair today at work and I am so pumped. I need a new book, maybe I can find a wedding planning one! Totally pumped! I love reading so much! I cannot wait to get into another book!

Sad note, no books to buy, or at least none that I want. Boo. I really need a book. Maybe I can find something on Amazon. I know I need another book like I need a hole in the head, but still. My brain needs the entertainment!

Jeff and I scheduled an appointment to tour the hall and place we want to get married! So excited! Even though it is a year and a half away, I love the progress we have made! Just have to put down a deposit and then we can officially announce our date! AHHH!!    

March 24th

Woot work and school. Also slides from my lab on Monday. Woot plant cross sections!


I hate Monday’s. I find it so hard to want to get up and go to work. This morning I had a dream I was back at my old job, with the people I love, and woke up and cried. Literally cried. It was awful. It was also hard to come to work and be in agood mood either.The closer to 4:30 I get the happier I get. So much closer to getting out of here and to school. At least at school I can enjoy myself. I can be quiet and not talk to people. It is wonderful.

Today is the day I can start to look for other jobs in the health system. I really hope I find something, but there isn’t much. Might need to start looking else where. I just really do not want to go without insurance. Meh



Laundry day, Wings, smoked beef loin. Good day! 




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