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May 29th

Crazy to think it’s almost June! 



May 28th

Went to the gym yesterday and shopping! Today we are going to have hamburgers! Woot! I wonder what we will do to them to make them awesome!

Getting up to go to work this week has been awful. I don’t know what it is, I just have a hard time getting motivated. I cannot wait untill tomorrow, it is Friday! How awesome! It’s going to be a coffee and a 8 and skate kind of day!



May 27th

Today it was very hard to get out of bed. I honestly sat there and thought about calling off. I made myself get dressed and walk out the door. Get in my car and drive to work. I did buy myself coffee as a reward for going. Some days it is just so hard to be motivated.

So excited to go to the gym today in my new running pants! well I guess techincally the are like capri’s not pants, but whatever. They are Under Armor and I got them for $24! Woot! I got a shirt too, and Jeff got some shorts. We feel fancy now. Now I just need a new pair of shoes. Maybe I’ll do that this weekend. I need something soon, my feet are starting to hurt more than normal after I run.

Woot I have been bloggin for 5 years! Strange to think that I came here to avoid a stalker, and now I have so many posts and updates about my life and the life I am about to start! I cannot wait to get married, buy a house, and fill that house with babies!

One thing I do love about three day weekends( other than three days in a row off) is that I have a four day work week after! It always flies by and it is wonderful. I finished a book today, and after the gym I am going grocery shopping. Ah the simple life in the subburbs right?

I should start running outside. I’m just nervous. I like a treadmill becuase I can get on and off as I chose. If I run outside I have to run back, or at least walk home! lol 


May 26th

How I wish I was still on vacation! With a three day weekend callers are crazy on Tuesday! Grr. Makes for a long horrible day :-/


May 22nd

So ready for my three day weekend! I’m all packed, picking Jeff up from work, then we are on our way! I cannot wait to eat, go to the Frankenmuth Brewery, and eat. Did I say eat twice? That’s because I love it so! :-)

Just need to make I past my work day of 8 hours…I know it is going to drag! I have all my yarn and a book packed for the weekend and I cannot wait for some relaxation! The only down side is I have to leave my kitty. I wish I could take her with us. Going to be lonely without her!

Thai day is dragging and try as I might I cannot make it go any faster! I did get iced coffee this morning and that is making me happy. Just wish it was 4:30. Then my day would be amazing!


May 21st


Jeff fly me a squished penny and I got a pun freon work! Go me! 



May 20th

So my hands hurt. I have been doing nothing but cranking out granny squares since friday! So far I have made about 20 or so. Some are not so pretty, my newest ones are amazing and actually square! I bought some new yarn too. So in total I have three colors to chose from. I am currently doing a purple, pink, and blue mix. It is aweseome! I’m so happy with myself for doing so well! I was so frusterated when I started and I feel very achomplished!

    This weekend Jeff and I are going to Frankenmuth to eat and be lazy. We like to go every spring and haven’t been in about two years. It was the first place we went on vacation as a couple, so it had a special place in our hearts! 

He will be home from Pennsylvania at midnight with any luck. I will be fast asleep by then lol. I’m so excited for this weekend! :-)

Oh the joys of Monday’s…lol



May 17th

More granny squares! I made the today alone! They are sloppy and still need work but slowly I am getting there! Proud of myself! I have made a total of 4 little squares! Now only a billion more to go to make a blanket! Woot! 


May 16th

Ran a 5K and crocheted. Granny square. Not a bad day :-)



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