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April 24th

My Red Wings shit the bed. I was so mad! They were up 2-0 and in the last five minutes let in two goals and lost in over time….I was so mad! Grrr! I’m trying to remain positive and think forward to saturday. It’s just hard.

It is friday, finally! I cannot express in words how happy I am about that. We have a hot dog luncheon today and I am pumped about that too! Next week is finals for school. Crazy to think the semester is over already. I have my coffee, the phones are decent, and tomorrow I get to sleep in.

Of course we need to clean the apartment tonight. It is getting bad. I wish it was warmer so that I could air it out. It was 29 last night, and I had frost on my car this morning! It is almost May people! I’m over the cold! We have no plans this weekend other than cleaning and going to the gym. I am hoping for a nice relaxing weekend with food and laziness. Maybe a little more wedding planning. Who knows.

We have a bridal show to go to in September to meet all the vendors. I’m really pumped about that. Plus in September I will be one year away from the big day! I can’t believe I’m actually getting married. Still boggles my mind when I look down and realise it’s not a dream, it’s real. It also helps that my ring is amazing! I love it so much! I have been looking at wedding bands, but I’m not sure which to get. Plus I have to buy Jeff’s that will be an adventure in itself! He doesn’t wear jewery, and I have no idea what he likes. Doesn’t help that he keeps joking he wants a pirate ring. I just would like an honest opinion of what he would like. It would help be bunches!

Been a while since I’ve done a really blog and not just a few pictures and a quick message. I’m sure once school gets out I’ll have more time. I really need to get back into my love of photography. Might bring the big camera with me with weekend if we go anywhere. I love it, just so big. Supposed to be sunny this weekend, just chilly. I want photos of spring. I need for it to get warm and for the sun to be out. Makes me feel less confined.

My life is very un-exciting. lol I just ate a hotdog and that is probably the highlight of my day. Well that and coffee. lol. Jeff gets to go to Colorado next week. I’d love to go but I have finals and work. Boo. He gets all the fun I swear. We are planning on going to Frakenmuth over Memorial Day weekend. I’m pumped for cheese, beer, and food. We always eat so good when we go!

Started making a wedding registry at Amazon. So far I have 14 things….go me. It’s hard. We have a lot of the things since we already live together. I did ask for some kitchen stuff. I know Jeff loves cooking and he has mentioned a few things he would like. Also the typical towels and linens stuff. Other than that I need to sit with Jeff and see what he thinks. I know it’s more than a yar away but I’m a planner and cannot help myself!


April 23rd

Yesterday I was so sick. I couldn’t sleep my nose was so congested with a fever. My throat was swollen, and sore. I was a mess. Today my nose is not stuffed up, but I am coughing and sneezing and feel genrally awful. I hate being sick. I even didn’t go to school yesterday. Yeah no fun.


April 21st

Play off game #3 tonight for the Detroit Red Wings. So nervous! Also new vans in front of where I work…odd


Today has been a rainy day. It’s a good rain though. Today is school and work. I hate Mondays. I am always so tired and drained from the weekend.

April 19th

My cousin Matthew had his baby Piper baptized today. She was a good sport about it.   

April 18th

Today was a nice day. I wore sandals and a tank top. Then we toured Greenfield Village. Now play off hockey :-)



April 17th

So today I have been looking at wedding registry’s.  I started one at Amazon, and by start one I mean I created one and it has nothing in it. I’ll sit down with Jeff to figure out what we want. I’ll probably do one at Kohls too. I know everyone is near a Kohls! lol

I’ve been having way too much fun with my website making. Though to be honest I cannot do any of it at work. For some reason it won’t open and let me edit the page. I’m sure it’s due to these computers being old as dirt and it does not help they are running Microsoft 7. So all I can do is look at stuff.

We got all of our information about the rental of the hall. Crazy. I feel like a real adult now. 526 days untill I change my name and marry the love of my life. 526 days untill I change my last name. 526 days. We got the invoice of when the money is due, which is very helpful. Jeff and I are very date and deadline oriented people.

I still cannot believe I am planning my wedding. Everytime I think about it I feel like it is a dream or something. LIke it’s not real. Maybe it’s because I am always reluctant to believe something good has happened. I’m so used to getting pormises and having them be broken or taken away. I’m sure tht sounds strange, or maybe it is completly normal. I’m sure it’s a mixture of both.





April 16th

Ah Thursdays. Today starts the beginning of the Red Wings Playoff march. Let’s see how that turns out. I have mild hope they can beat the Tampa Bay Lightning. Either way I’m pumped to have hockey everywhere. I love the play offs!

I am craving caffeine like woah. Oh and Jeff and I put money down on the hall so we are officially getting married!! I am freaking out. 527 days untill the big day! 9-24-16! I’m so excited to plan things! I can officially plan things! like centerpieces, colors, wedding favors, cake, songs to dance to, photos, and a wedding ceremony. This is crazy. legit crazy. It’s so hard to believe that in a few short months I’ll get to see all my family and friends and spend time with them as I make this huge change in my life.


April 15

I’ve been bad. I have all my classes winding down and a wedding that I’ve begun to plan. Lol

It’s been busy and crazy. I’ve been trying to keep some sanity but somehow it always seems to disappear. I’ve been stuck on a new show on Netflix called Ccandal. Holy shit is that show amazing. I am getting into the final stretch with my classes. Cannot wait to have time to go to the gym during the whole week. As of now I just have all my time on the weekends, and I’ll be honest when I say I’ve been slacking I haven’t gone in weeks. It’s really hard when I’m so tired from work and school to be motivated to run for fun. Meh. I am going this weekend, maybe even Friday!


April 13th

Wow didn’t update for a few days! Sorry! My weekend was not all that exciting. Oil changes and pretty weather sum it up.

Today is work and school. Oh the joys! 




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