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July 1st

Isn’t it crazy that it is July already? Today has been amazing. Minue Jeff leaving again to go out of town I have had a great day! Yesterday was not so good. I got sick and was throwing up at work. I actually got sick in a sink becuase I could not get my bathroom key to open the bathroom door. So that was hot. I puked a few more times, hoping it would get better and finally said no. I need to go home, and I did. Slept for 2 hours and Jeff made me home made chicken noodle soup with fresh veggies and it was amzing! I am loved! Then I didnt come into work untill noon and I work 4.5 hours and I am out! What an amzing day!

We paid a little more on our wedding. I am so excited to see it come togehter! Only 451 days until I get hitched! So pumped! Life is coming together! :-)


Last day in June! Crazy! I haven’t posted in a few days and after tomorrow maybe I shall reveal why! If everything goes well anyways. I have been one tired human!

June 25th

ah Thursday! I get to hang with my mom and eat pizza. Also one day close to the weekend! And I just found out that I have July the 3rd off next week! Three day weekend!!! WOOOO! Sorry, just a little excited!

I have begun another blanket. totally excited for how it is turning out! It is so cute! I still have to mail the one to my friends that are trying to have a baby. It’s their good luck blanket!

Jeffrey comes home today and I am so excited! I haven’t seen him since Sunday night. That is too long! It’ll be nice to have someone in bed again tonight. I like having him close. It makes me feel safer, even though I know I can take care of myself. It is weird when he is not here. I feel lonely. Though I do enjoy having the whole bed to myself, being lazy, and it being quiet. Ah the quiet. I love that. With him home it means he’ll be watching Netflix, and he does try to keep it down, but I am such a light sleeper. Boo lol

June 24th

Today is kinda sad. Was really hoping Jeff would be home from Pennsylvania tonight but he won’t be back untill tomorrow. Sad.


June 23rd

Got awesome storms last night! Had sirens wake me up at 2am! The cat his under the sink and I watch the radar u till it passed. Still made it to work! Go me! The poor cat hid under the bathroom sink. That’s good though. In case of a tornado that is where we go! The cat, the guinea pigs and a rabbit. All in a bathtub! lol Since it wasn’t a tornadao warning, only severe thunderstorm warning, I just left the pigs and the bun in thier cages. The cat was under that sink as long as that siren was going off. Poor thing!

Got a new computer today!? How fancy! Had to set everything up again and it has the fancy Windows on it which I am not used to.

Supposed to be sunny and hot today! How fantastic! I want it to be tomorrow so bad! I want it to be tomorrow at  4;30 so bad! Its’s 73 and sunny right now! I can’t wait to get off work! I forgot my yarn, but brought my hook. Silly me. So now I have nothing to do and it makes me a sad panda. When I get home I will but som yarn in my bag, that way I’ll have something to do tomorrow. I can’t wait for tomorrow! :-)



June 17th

Ah Hump Day! Means the work week is almost over! well, at least half way! I got to see my bestie yesterday and it was amazing! I miss her! Also met her boy friend, who seems very nice! He put up Mine and Jeff”s crap! So he’s a keeper!

It is warm and sunny today! I am so happy to have summer days! I want a campfire and smores! That would be amazing! Tomorrow is Thursday and mommy dinner! I can’t wait to start this weekend. For mayn reasons it will be stressful…no details yet! But keep posted and I’m sure I;ll leave and announcement soon!


June 16th

Ah Tusedays! I feel much better today! I do not think I will be eating any breakfest shakes anytime soon. My tummy did not like that! So maple brown sugar oatmeal, a yogurt, and water. Boring boring right? lol

I get to go to my best friends house for dinner tonight! I am so excited! Finally get to meet her boy friend and it is going to be a great day! I wonder what is for dinner! I’m sure it will be delicious no matter what! :-)

It’s actually sunny out today. The past few days have been rainy and gross. We did get a few thunder storms, so that was nice. Overall though, jut rain and boring. Nice to see the sun! It is summer after all!HUmid but I like it. I want my summers to be summery ya know?

So Chicago won the Stanley Cup. Wow. I thought for sure it would be Tampa Bay! Good for them, they won at home. That is always the best for the fans. Some day I will personally see a cup get raised! Someday! :-)

June 15th

Holy cow today sucks. I woke up with a sore throat, I’m freezing, and my tummy is upset. Blah I hate Monday’s :-(


June 14th

Cleaned the apartment, went to the gym, made dinner, went shopping, and the weekend is over just like that! So not fair! We watched hockey last night and watched Chicago take a ge lead over Tamp Bay. Was a good game. 


June 12th

Woot Friday!

So I wanted to actually blog about something other than my boring life! Internet and children. Now not kids getting on the computer, but parents posting so many photos of their babies to social media. I get it. You are pumped. You made the most amazing little thing ever, but really it can be dangerous posting photos of your kids. Strangers will know what they look like. Now my Facebook is private, but I still will not be posting photos of my kids. I plan on having a private album that people can get into  with a password. I’ve gotten a little flack for this. My fiances’ sister does this with her boys, and I 100% agree with her. Most people good, they are and I truly believe that, but I cannot take a chance with my kids.

Some people over share. A cute photo of your kid every once and a while is great! I have friends on Facebook that I see photos of their kids and I do love it. Then there are the over sharers…The ones who post pictures of their frontal naked baby on Facebook(yes I have seen this happen!). I’ve reported a few. They then will get angry they were reported. I’m sorry but a naked photo of your child should never be on the internet. Too many people can see those and the last thing you want to hear is that a photo you took was found on a child predators computer. You’d feel disgusted.

I know new parents are so pumped when baby is brought into the world. It is amazing that the tiny thing came kicking and screaming into this world. Everyone has their own comfort levels, but I personally plan on no photos of my child being on social media. Perhaps my Instagram(it’s private and I can control that) but not Facebook, Twitter, or anything like that. I believe this is a private thing raising your kids. I’ll post stories and milestones, just no photos or videos. I know it will be hard, I love to post almost everything, but for the protection of my children I will do this.

I’m not sure how anyone else feels about this. I know many people don’t really care and are proud parents. Not trying to sway anyone, I just am personally cautious of the internet and what you put out there. Even here I post more pictures of things than my face. I’ll update where I am, but not specifically. I am cautious.

Anyways I am happy it is the weekend! I cannot wait! I want to sleep in so bad, this week has been exhausting! I get to go have dinner with my two brothers and go see Jurassic World! I am sooooo excited! Both to hang with my brothers and see Jurassic World! Horray Chris Pratt!


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