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March 5th

So my husband to be is going to be going to Florida Sunday. It’s my Spring Break and he gets to go to Florida for his job. Lucky ass. I guess the only bright side I have is that it might be almost 40 those days. Go me. lol

So happy it is Thursday. Only today and Friday between me and sleeping in. Happy Happy. Oh and I do not have school due to Spring Break. Now my gym buddy is going to be in Florida. It will be hard to go without him. I plan on going Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. I am going to go this weekend. I need to get ready for these 5K’s! I can do this!

I watched some of the 5 Nights at Freddie’s game play…OMG. It is insane. I can’t wait to watch all of them. I love the darkness of both the concept and gameplay. Even though I hate jump scares, I really love watching the game play. I don’t think I could handle playing it with head phones, the noises are so creepy, and set a good ambience.

Woohoo I am finally bringing the long road to planning a wedding! Jeff and I have found a spot(fingers crossed) and got information on it today thanks to my lovely mother. Pumped to begin to budget this huge event. While the package they give you is nice, I need a person to talk to about things. I like to take notes and hear a person explain stuff. I’m weird. The package is  nice that they sent, I just always need more info than what they send. I have set up a binder(I’ll be honest I’ve had this binder all set up four about 2 years) and now I get to do all of it! Once I get a deposit down, I can plan on all the little things. You know like a colors, table center pieces, and my dress….

I think I am most not looking forward to picking out a dress. I love looking at them, I just don’t want to spend a whole day getting in and out of them,. Some people like to have their family and friends dote on them while they find “the one” I do not. I’d much rather find two I like, try them on, pick one, and call it a day. I don’t think it will go that way, but one can dream?

So close to the end of my work day. Final break in the books. Soon. Soon. I cannot wait untill the weekend!

March 4th

Oh the joys! I really do not like my job The more I work here the more biter I become, and I hate that. I am usually such an upbeat person, it just sucks to be brought down by horrible people.

I missed a day in this 365 challenge! I was so sad! I was doing to good! I had been crazy with midterms and work though. So I do not feel that bad. Took my last midterm last night, and I am hoping I did well. I felt good leaving,but you never know. Biology I am not worried about, Government, totally terrified. I guess we will see in a week or so since I will offically on Spring Break after lecture tonight! So happy!

It is 30 degrees outside. It even rained yesterday. Crazy. Although tomorrow it will be down to a high of 19 again. Blah. Will winter ever end? I mean I know it will, but at this pace, I feel like it is never ending.

I finished a book this week “Sharp Objects” by Gillian Flynn. Holy crap was that book goo. I read “Gone Girl” by her and honestly was not impressed. I hated the ending more than anything. Sharp Objects, was far from boring. It was constantly moving and amazingly dark. I loved it! I am thinking about picking up her next book “Dark Places” if I get a chance. I hope it is more like Sharp Objects, than Gone Girl. I honestly could not put the book down! It was that amzing! I have challeneged myself to read 20 books by the end of the yea, no including school books. Should be easy enough. I do love to read!

I’m eating my oatmeal and drinking mint tea thinking about what to do over break. I am probably going to go to the gym with Jeff a few days a week. That makes me happy. I am happy with the running/walking and a little bit of training I have been doing. Jeff is pumped he is losing weight and we are both just happy. I love it.

It is hump day! I am that much cloer to the weekend! I am so looking forward to spring. I want to go to the Zoo with my memebership from Christmas. I still need to sign up for my 5K’s. I am really pumped to run in these. I needs to get my Camelback out so that I always have water. I love that thing. Also will hold my phone since I do not have pickets in any of my running outfits. lol I am pumped to begin this whole being fit thing. I’ve been working on it for a while, and it feels good to actually start to achive something. :-)

Five Nights at Freddy’s 3 preveiw has come out. It. Is. Amazing. I am so pumped! I watched a little at work, but our internet here blows so I could really only listen and not see anything. Too grainy. Cnanot wait to get home and watch it on my ipad! It is totally dark and scary, yet different from the other two, and yet the same as well. Totally awesome. So excited!

March 2nd and 3rd

I finally mused a day! Only took 62 days! I’ve been having my midterms this week so I’ve been a little busy. Have my government one tonight. Kinda nervous. I missed last last when he talked about what would be on the final so I am going in blind. Not happy. 

Supposed to get snow, ice, and rain tonight. Then it’ll freeze over. Maybe they will cancel school? A girl can dream. 

Sunrise 3-2-15

March 1st

Today is the last day I can file my Fasfa. Woot Horray for student loans lol

Today jeff and I bought a mattress pad that is some sort of gel/memory foam hybrid. Here’s to hoping it works! We are going to have ribs for dinner. Totally pumped. Hopefully we will find some hockey to watch. 

First day of March and it snowed. Bullshit. Totally over this cold. Can it be spring yet? Brr

Also ribs were amazing. Be jealous!

Ran again today! Go me!

check out that beautiful smoke ring!

Jeff checking the temp

Last day of February 

These two lovely ladies turned 5 tiday! happy birthday!

Monroe’s Original Hotdogs

Today so far has been food and Hockey. Gym later and figuring out dinner. Yep my life is cool

February 27th

The day I have been waiting for is here! House of Cards season premier is what I wan watching tonight! AND I get to watch it with my bestie! AND she is bring Monroe’s Original Hotdogs. So pumped! My Friday is going to be freaking amazing! I hope I can stay up past 9 PM. I seem to be pretty lame and fall asleep fairly fast. lol

I’m sitting here with hot tea and oatmeal just waiting for the clock to strike 4:30. I am so pumped I can hardly contain myself! It is going to be such a great start to my weekend! Oh and it is supposed to be over 20 degrees this saturday and sunday! Happy Happy!

I seriously can not wait untill warmer temps and spring. A little concerned about having my windows open with the cat, but she should be ok. She was good at my moms. Plus she is terrified of the outdoors, so I don’t see her going out if she can avoid it. I’m just looking forward to not freezing every time I go outside. It will be so nice! I really do not like cold!

I cleaned a huge portion of my apartment last night. Got the front room and bathroom done, just need to do the kitchen and bedroom. Really need to do the dishes and mop the floor. The bedroom might not get done untill closer to spring to be honest. I just have so much going on and I want to clean it right. I have mid terms all next week and then finally spring break. I am going to just be amazingly awesome enjoying my time off. Going to go to the gym and work out. Yep, I am fancy.




Hot tea for a cold day

5K’s I wanna run this year

I have started my list. I feel awesome!

Toledo Zoo May 16th

Binder Park Zoo friday June 26th

Detroit Zoo September 11th

Totally pumped! Bring this on!

It is every two or three months and I am so excited. Plus if benefits zoos and I am all about that! Last time I ran I did a 5K in 00:48:16.0. I am hoping to beat that this time! If I can just get under 45 minutes in May, 40 minutes in June, and 35 minues in September. I might need to find a 5K I can run in August, but it is usually so hot. I can look. Totally excited. I have always wanted to be a runner and I am slowly getting towards those goals! Happy happy

so close to Friday! Can taste it!

Today has been annoying. It is so close to Friday, yet so far away. I was soo sleepy this morning. Getting up was very hard. I went shopping last night and got groceries for lunches, we really needed that. So I am finally eating solid food and it is amazing. I’m ridiculously thirsty all the time though. I’m sure that has to do with being so dehydrated. I’m sure I am going to have to pee so bad later! I still am getting winded very easily. It sucks. I am going to try and go to the gym later. I want to run. I am weird.

So I have finally begun to do some wedding stuff. Ok to be honest my mom is calling the hall since I work while they are open. I would if I could but working that dumb 9-5 job is not helpful, then school on top of that. I have basically no life it. I want to volunteer so bad but I also want to have time to do homework and see my fiancé!

I have finals week next week and finally spring break! I am so pumped to do nothing for a week! Oh and House of Cards comes on this Friday! AHHHH so excited! I love that show! I plan on being a little lazy this weekend! I do plan on cleaning. Our apartment is kinda a mess…maybe we have been a little too lazy…

I hate the aftermath of being sick. I have to slowly rebuild my strength and it can be very hard. I keep getting winded so easily. I am going to go to the gym tonight to walk on the treadmill. If that becomes to much I can just sit and wait for Jeff to get done working out. Eating solid food is the most amazing thing ever. I love it soooo much. Eating only liquid food for two days is really not appealing. I’m a tactile eater so I do not enjoy liquids so much.

I am hoping that the work day goes by fairly fast. I am so over people right now. I brought a Velveeta Cheesy Bowl thing for lunch. I guess we shall see if it is any good. Looks good, so there is a start. It is lasagna and cheese…kinda pumped for really food.

I miss days when I could take a nap. I would probably honestly kill for a nap right now. Also 15 minutes is soo not a long enough break, nor is 30 minutes long enough for lunch.

Oh and I now have a dinner and Netflix date with the bestie Deanna! We are going to watch House of Cards and eat Monroes Orriginal’s! Best. Date. Ever. All I have to do is clean the aprtment! lol talk about motivation! I’m so happy right now! Haven’t seen Deanna in almost 2 months! She is my maid of honor, I need to talk wedding things with her!

This day just got awesome. 4 hours of work left. I can do this! I’m so happy for this day! Tomorrow is going to be awesome! Now I have the Lego Movie song “Everything is awesome” stuck in my head…happy happy

February 25th

Oh to no longer be sick! I was so pathetic yesterday! I do have a wonderful soon to be husband, who made sure I didn’t pass out in the shower, made me chicken broth, and brought me a wash cloth for my head. Seriously best fiance ever. I woke up this morning with no heach ache, my dizziness had gone away, and I felt a million times better. Still get winded when I walk a long distance, but i kept down crackers today! So pumped!

I have an exam in Biology today, I actually did not go to my Government class last night, first time I have missed school in years. I felt awful, but I had to. I was so dizzy and gross yesterday.  So I’m stdying for my exam.

There is a book sale downstairs…might have to goet a book. I havent; ready anything in months and I am going crazy. I love to read, and not having a book is like not having a finger. Feels weird and wrong. I do have a book that came out a few weeks ago. Maybe they will have it!

Ok back to work. So happy to not be throwing up anymore!


Febuary 24th

sick all day. From puking and other such fun. Not s good day.


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